If you didn’t know … Now you know

It’s Official …….Yo Gotti announced that his label CMG has partnered on board with Epic Records!
The hard grind paid off. Multi-million dollar deal with LA Reid pay off at that!

Yo Gotti was the last artist we would have thought would sign that dotted line. Yo Gotti being Bout Dat Life Radio very 1st midstream indy artist said to us that he will not sign with the janky recording labels. Guess he found someone worth his time …..LA Reid……the big man himself!

Yo Gotti said,

“This is a solid partnership that allows me to do what I do on bigger platforms, with the respect and support of the Epic team. Throughout L.A. Reid’s career, I realize he has been a part of creating some of the biggest superstars in the industry. I feel there is no better person to partner with.”

“After my meeting with L.A. Reid, Benny Pough and his staff felt like Epic would be the perfect home to further the growth of CMG.”

Us here at Bout Dat Life Radio hope it is a good move for Yo Gotti and CMG and ready to see what’s next. Knowing Reid there is always something up his sleeves.

Being signed don’t make you an artist. Making a difference in peoples life though your music has a meaning of a lifetime. Your time will come and when it does just be ready. -MG

Yo Gotti had all the dope boys, street boys and even some business boys motivated to make it to the top and teaching everyone that your “TEAM” has to be as “ONE” and be on point!

This is definitely a good look for Yo Gotti after things went south with his last situation at Polo Grounds/RCA. Yo Gotti was signed to the label for about four years after his previous label TVT Records folded but his success was due to him.

With no label support Yo Gotti has been on a crazy grind over the past few years with his Cocaine Muzik Mixtape series and his successful CMG Road To Riches Tour . He has sold out shows and even shut down clubs!

Gotti said,

A lot of labels were talking big checks, but the money didn’t interest me. I wanted a partner that wasn’t afraid to work as hard as I do. I knew that by sticking to my independent business mind frame and continuing to chase my dream, that the right situation was going to come.”

Yo Gotti’s latest single “Check” already hit the Billboard Top 20, and he will be releasing the official video with full support from Epic.

Gotti also mention:

“The independent success we’ve had thus far with our tour, merchandising and projects from myself and my first artist Zed Zilla has given me the perfect opportunity to create the best possible partnership for CMG. I have no doubt that we will take our movement to its pinnacle with Epic Records.”

Salute Yo Gotti keep doing your thing homie!


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